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SimCity BuildIt

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Simcity Buildit is a game which is about building and maintaining a city. The player is able to construct roads, buildings, and other important structures in order to create a vibrant city. The player can also create power plants, and organize the city's transportation, water supply, and sewage networks.


In Simcity Buildit, the player starts in a pre-built city. The player has to build their city with money which they earn from the buildings they construct. The player can also earn money from the citizens in the city. The player can construct a variety of buildings, such as residential buildings, factories, and schools. The player can also construct power plants and water structures. 

The player is able to create a clean-up team which is able to remove hazards, such as trash, trees, and cars. The player can also create a fire department which can put out fires and respond to emergencies.

The gameplay consists of the following parts:


The player can build different buildings in their city. They can build residential buildings for people to live in, commercial buildings for shops, and industrial buildings.


The player can place residential buildings so that people will move into them. They can also place commercial buildings near residential buildings so that people will shop. The player can also place industrial buildings near residential buildings so that people will work.


The player can place government buildings so they can regulate what happens in the city.


The graphics of Simcity Buildit are two-dimensional, which allows the player to zoom in and out. The graphics are colourful, and the buildings and other structures are more lifelike. The player is also able to rotate the camera, which allows for a more detailed view of the city.


Simcity Buildit is a game which is constantly changing. The player is able to make new decisions, which can change the fate of their city. This game is also different for each player, and the player has to make decisions which are based on their own judgment.


Simcity Buildit is a moderately fun game which is worth playing. It can have a steep learning curve, but it is also interactive and gives the player a lot of control over their city. I would give Simcity Buildit a 9/10.


  • The player is able to create and maintain a city which they can be proud of
  • The game is also interactive, which allows the player to have more control over what happens in their city


  • Simcity Buildit has a very steep learning curve
  • The player has to make a lot of decisions which require a lot of time and effort
  • The game also takes up a lot of the player's free time


SimCity BuildIt SimCity BuildIt
SimCity BuildIt
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