Shazam: Music Discovery review

Shazam: Music Discovery

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It's a song. What's it mean? The radio DJ says it's a hit. What does the song's chorus go, "I'm on a mission, I'm on a mission"?

You're not on a mission. The song is just a catchy tune. But, if you want to find out what that catchy tune is, download Shazam. It's a free app that uses your phone's microphone to listen to music from many different sources and identify it for you.


On Shazam, you can identify songs on the radio, TV, or on any device. Just tap Shazam, and it will instantly tell you what the song is. You can also play the song on-demand.


The Shazam app is clean and simple, with a large, orange button in the middle that is labeled 'Shazam.'

Information about usability of Shazam

Shazam is easy to use and is a great way to discover new music. You can use it for free, but there is a premium version that costs $5.99 a month.


In my opinion, Shazam is a great app, and I recommend it to anyone who likes music. You can use Shazam for free, but I prefer the premium version. I hope this review helps you decide if you want to get Shazam or not. If you do, then click on the link below. Happy listening!


  • Is easy to use and discover new music
  • Is also free, which is a very big plus


  • Shazam lacks some features that other music-identifying apps have. For example, it doesn't include any lyrics or any information about the artist


Shazam: Music Discovery Shazam: Music Discovery
Shazam: Music Discovery
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