Journey of the Broken Circle review

Journey of the Broken Circle

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Journey of the Broken Circle is not primarily about good reflexes, but about friendship, opposing attitudes to life, and the pursuit of happiness.

What the Danish developers from Lovable Hat Cult present me with could easily be mistaken for a Pac-Man spin-off in the first few minutes: A 2D cringle with an opening rolls from left to right through a hilly landscape on command. The thing controls without frills and looks quite nice with the minimalistic landscape and muted color palette - but that's about it.

At least until Sticky enters the stage: previously talking to himself or annoying the animals of the forest, Kringel comes across a sticky red triangle that fits almost perfectly into its opening. From then on, the duo moves through the world together, has a lot of fun, and can recently - thanks to Sticky's stickiness - also jump up steep walls. So they hop and roll merrily on - until the young happiness of the travel company gets a first tender crack: Sticky would like to stay in beautiful places, but Circle is greedy for new adventures, wants to go on and on, quickly cross the next hill - and besides, they could also find out where the beautiful balloons on the horizon come from...

Without giving too much away: Circle and Sticky's liaison won't last forever, later in the game main character will be on his own again. And will feel imperfect again. And of course, he won't hesitate to tell you what's on his mind. It gets exciting when new characters cross Circle's path: Where do they want to go, what drives them? Can they keep up with Circle's temperament? And what skills do they bring to the relationship?

The characteristics of Circle's traveling companions don't change the genre, but they strongly influence which perils of the 2D landscape you can master: A caterpillar creature with 1000 sticky threads lets you roll along overhead passages, and a small balloon companion provides buoyancy in windy caverns. At the same time, the landscape itself presents you with challenges: Lava lakes, icy slopes, pools full of creepers, lightning traps, and spiky clouds. However, the star of the approximately three-hour adventure always remains the conversations (in text form), the characters, and the dialog direction.


This is yet another charming little indie game that most gamers will unfortunately overlook. Hardly anyone has heard of it, it looks unspectacular, and most of the gameplay follows familiar paths. But you're missing out! The well-functioning platform mechanics are joined by strongly written dialogues and the protagonists talk about serious things: About opposing ideas of where you want to go in life, about small differences that eventually become irreconcilable, or the problem of constricting another person too much because of fears of loss. Anyone who would like to know how the characters deal with this or who has already enjoyed Thomas Was Alone should take a look.


Journey of the Broken Circle Journey of the Broken Circle
Journey of the Broken Circle
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