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Hello Neighbor is a horror game for PC in which you must explore your neighbor's home, and avoid being caught. Hello Neighbor is an indie horror game created by Dynamic Pixels. The game follows a young boy who investigates the activities of his neighbor who he assumes to be a serial killer. The player needs to sneak into the neighbor's house, starting from the basement and work their way up to the attic.


The gameplay consists of exploring your neighbor's home and avoiding being caught. The graphics are 3D and consist of an object-scaling mechanic, which can make objects in the game either grow or shrink. The sound consists of realistic sound effects that heighten the suspense and provide feedback for the player. The gameplay of Hello Neighbor is based on the idea of stealth, where the player needs to sneak around without being detected. The player starts from the basement and need to enter the neighbor's house. The house is procedurally generated, so the player needs to be careful about the route to avoid any detection by the neighbor. The player can use pickaxes to break through walls and can use the items found in the house to distract the neighbor.


The graphics consist of 3D objects that can either grow or shrink in size. The graphics are realistic and provide feedback to the player. The game has a black and white effect and is mostly seen from a top-down perspective. The player needs to take care of their character's hunger and health, which are represented by a meter.

Information about Replayability

The replayability of this game is up to the individual.


The game is innovative. The graphics are good and the sound effects are realistic. The gameplay consists of exploration and sneaking. It can be difficult and can be repetitive. It is challenging and keeps the player intrigued. It is an indie game, developed by Dynamic Pixels. The game was released on September 20, 2017 for PC and Xbox One. The game was developed using Unreal Engine 4. The game is an inspiration from the game Man vs. House.


Pros 👍

  • The storyline is immersive and keeps the player intrigued
  • It is an intriguing and suspenseful game
  • The sound effects are realistic and heighten the suspense
  • The graphics are realistic
  • The gameplay is imaginative
  • The game is innovative
  • The game is challenging

Cons 👎

  • The game does not have an ending
  • The controls can be difficult to master
  • The game can be difficult for some players
  • The game does not provide any map
  • The game can be repetitive

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