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Druidry Handbook

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Druidry Handbook is an online self-directed course about Druids. It contains information about the history, beliefs, the world, the gods, magic, and more. It also includes an introduction to Druidry. Druidry Handbook is a software which has been created to help people who are interested in Druidry. The software has been created by Dana A. Eilers.


Druidry Handbook includes 10 modules, which are divided into three levels. Every module includes information about Druids, their beliefs, and the world. It also includes information about the gods, magic, and other topics. Druidry Handbook is designed to be used on any device.

Druidry Handbook is an eBook that is divided into 5 sections. It contains information about Druidry, including its history, symbols, and festivals. It also contains information about the Druids themselves, which is especially useful for Pagans who want to be part of a Druidic tradition.

Druidry Handbook also has information about mythology, which is useful for people who are interested in Celtic mythology, and includes information about the Celtic Gods, the Milesians, and the Tuatha De Danaan. The last section is about Celtic spirituality.

Druidry Handbook is a software which provides people with information about Druidry. The software has more than 2000 pages of information, and it is available with many languages. The creators of the software provide Druidry Handbook for free, with no ads or other viruses. The software provides information about the history, beliefs, traditions, practices, ethics, and other features of Druids.


Druidry Handbook is designed to be used on any device, so the design is focused on usability. The creators of Druidry Handbook have tried to create an interface which is easy to use.

Information about usability

It is not possible to download Druidry Handbook, so it can't be used offline. The course also contains popups.


Druidry Handbook is an amazing guide that has been designed to provide in-depth information on the topic of Druidry in an easy to use, accessible format.


  • It is self-directed, so there is no pressure to complete it
  • It is a very useful resource for people who want to become a Druid
  • It is a good resource for people who are interested in Celtic mythology
  • It is a good reference for Pagans who are interested in Druidry
  • Explanations are short and easy to understand
  • It is available in PDF, MOBI, and EPUB, formats
  • It is available in English
  • It is easy to use


  • It is not possible to download Druidry Handbook, so there is no possibility to use it offline
  • It is only in English
  • It doesn't have a table of contents
  • The formatting and layout could be improved
  • It only provides information about the Druids
  • Some people might think that it is expensive


Druidry Handbook Druidry Handbook
Druidry Handbook
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