YouTube Helps Users to Understand Its Algorithms

  • 21-03-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

YouTube decided to answer all the possible questions about the work of the recommendation algorithm. The company wants to clarify its basics, and improve the total performance of the channel. YouTube believes that with its help content creators will be able to become more successful.

Users who don’t know what the inner mechanisms of YouTube look like, now have an opportunity to understand the platform better. YouTube believes it will help content creators to get to a bigger audience. Rachel Alves, from YouTube, has recently made and shared a video about the recommendation system. She revealed it on the Creator Inside Channel. The YouTuber answered all the popular questions she has heard from users. The questions are dedicated to the algorithms of recommendations, including the way the clip is recommended to users and how to get to a bigger audience.

According to Alves, YouTube uses advanced algorithms that do not concentrate totally on the number of videos that the channel provides. It does not matter how many videos on your channel are placed. However, they do calculate the number of watches. Depending on users’ views, your channel can be recommended to a bigger audience. The most preferable are channels with regular viewers. Alves believes that the quality of content is more important than the number of videos since users will not come back to the channel that does not offer something unique.

Alves also recommends not getting into competition with the thousands of content creators focused only on current trends. In the end, you receive tough competition and your videos can get easily lost among piles of content with higher rates of views. You can keep up with trends only if you have some fresh and unique perspective or information.

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