Tinder to Introduce Violence History Background Checks

  • 16-03-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

Tinder, a popular dating app, announced an upcoming option that will allow US users to scan potential dates for violent crime convictions. The feature will be provided by a background check platform Garbo. However, experts warn that there will be certain limitations. Let’s figure out how it will work. 

Is It Helpful? 

After the update, Tinder will redirect users to the Garbo service through the app and ask users to enter names, phone numbers, and other user data to run checks for convictions, arrests, and sex offender registry info. Tinder developed this measure to help users resist sexual assault attempts that are quite common these days, according to the large number of reports published mainly by female users. 

Garbo founder Kathryn Kosmides says that it’s only the first step on the way towards harm prevention in the digital age. The provider will offer around 500,000 free scans and charge $2.50 (plus a processing fee) when the free attempts run out. Search results will include only violent crime reports, so you won’t see any info on drug possession, vagrancy, or loitering. Home addresses and phone numbers of people won’t be available either. Besides, Garbo doesn’t have access to the most violent criminals because of various jurisdictional factors of the US system. It’s also known that many sexual assault cases are not reported by victims for various reasons. 

Better Than Nothing

As you can see, the current Garbo database is far from being comprehensive. Still, it offers users to lower the probability of sex assault to a certain level. Most probably, the system will evolve and achieve more ties with the government to provide users with a higher level of security. What would you suggest to improve Tinder’s security? Leave your recommendations in the comments and share this announcement with friends.