Spotify Works on Audio Navigated Car Mode

  • 28-03-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

Spotify is busy with the new mode controlled by the voice created for car drivers. One of the biggest streaming services is bringing more features to its audience. Last year, Spotify gave up on the old move called Car View.

The new mode is already being checked by beta testers, according to the TechCrunch investigator. While Spotify got rid of Car View only last year, they are ready to offer something new. The company explained its decision to stop Car View because of the lack of innovations inside. This is why we really hope the Car Mode will have plenty of those. It is focused on voice control. While we are not sure whether the connection to the app and its features via the hands-free option is safe for the driver and its passengers, Spotify believes it has done a great job. The company removed a wide range of colorful distractions from the screen and made the design clear and understandable.

The new mode offers close interaction with Spotify. Drivers do not have to use their hands to be able to search for their favorite song, artist, or album. The Car Mode has Pause and Play tools as well. You can always come back to your favorite songs while you are on the road. There is an ability to “like” the song using the specific command for this. If you don’t like some part of the song you can fast forward it. The new service is more advanced and at the same time has a simplified design compared to the previous one. You can easily reach the Library and Player View. Every podcast you need can be opened via Car Mode as well. All you have to do is to command the app using your voice. Spotify is going to release the new mode soon. Until that time, you can play with Car Thing.

Are you excited about the new mode? Did you like the previous one? Share your thoughts in the comments below.