Soon Facebook Will Stop Tracking Your Location

  • 11-05-2022 |
  • Courtney Millhouse

It has been announced that Facebook is getting rid of the tracking features for its Android and iOS apps starting from May 31, 2022. The tracking system has been widely used to find friends nearby and plan local events.

The feature Nearby Friends can make your location visible to your friends on Facebook using GPS. For privacy reasons, it is also possible to choose the friends who you would like to reveal your itinerary. To enable the feature, you need to give Facebook full access to your device’s GRS navigator, so the company can have the full information about you.

There is still no evidence that the information policy of Meta will change once Nearby Friends will disappear. However, the feature is still available, and it is recommended that you remove all the information about your current location in order not to share it with the service. If you use iOS, navigate to the Settings menu and disable the toggle Location services. For Android users, the changes can be made directly from the Facebook app, just proceed to the Settings form of Facebook then locate “Location Access” and disable the Location Services together with the Background Location.

Facebook is notifying its users about the upcoming changes, as well as giving instructions on how to download their Facebook information for further storage by August 1, 2022. It is also possible to use the desktop or website version of Facebook to download your data, locate the “Settings and Privacy” option, then go to “Settings” and “Your Facebook Information”. This option makes it possible to download any information that is stored on Facebook about you, as well as delete your account if there is a need to.

Have you already disabled the tracking system on Facebook? How do you feel when the company owns excessive information about you? We are interested in your opinion on the issue, please, share it in the comments down below.