Snapchat Buys NextMind for Digital Interaction

  • 30-03-2022 |
  • Courtney Millhouse

Snapchat wants to keep up with modern technologies to compete with its rivals. This time, the company buys technology that is called NextMind. It is considered to be the brain-reading feature for further digital interaction.

Snapchat is looking forward to the future, trying to predict it. They want to increase the digital interaction among users. The company has recently bought a neurotech business called NextMind. It is based in Paris, and it may help Snapchat to finally improve the augmented reality options Snapchat was working hard on for years.

Snap officials have already announced the new purchase. According to the statement, NextMind has already created a brain-computer interface technology that is not invasive. This technology offers the use of electronic devices hands-free. Users of this technology can get access to the computer, headset, or VR and AR wearable. Snapchat describes the invention as an advanced technology that reads neural activity. It requires checking your signals to understand your intentions so you can interact with gadgets. You can push buttons by thinking about them.

While some users began to worry about the safety of their own thoughts, Snapchat officials pointed out that the new technology does not read any thoughts at all. The NextMind can’t send any signals to the brain, so you wouldn’t be hypnotized. The main idea is to allow a person to use any device by sending neuro signals. The whole idea is to let your brain take control over technologies.

This is not the first company that is working on similar services. Back in 2017 Meta announced that they are trying to develop brain-to-screen interaction. Still, they have not announced any progress that was made.

Do you want to use NextMind’s invention? What do you think about the ability to navigate devices with your brain? Share your thoughts in the comments below.