Snap Ads Powered by Cameo

  • 09-05-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

Snap continuously modernizes its features to keep up with the needs of current digital marketing. This time, Snap has collaborated with Cameo – a US-based video creation platform.

Cameo is a platform where users can request a bunch of personalized celebrity videos for different occasions. The companies have created a brand-new Snap x Cameo platform where brands will be able to access 45,000 celebrities and request mind-blowing content for their digital advertising campaigns.

It is no longer a secret that celebrity endorsement is a powerful advertising tool, where marketers easily win the celebrity’s audience and get an incredible engagement rate. So, the platform allows marketers to contact the celebrity they want for their marketing purposes, while a famous person can accept or decline the request.

There is a great chance to have a powerful promotion on Snap. The social network is visited by 300 million predominantly teenage or young adult users daily, and celebrities are strong influencers for them. What is more, Cameo proved to be highly successful by earning $125 million last year.

At first, the Snapchat advertisements featuring celebrities will be available for US users only.  With the growing demand for exclusive celeb content, the option will be spread to other countries. Snapchat has also added a Snap Promote option to enable the promotion of the partners’ Discover Shows in the For You feed on Stories. As a result, the partners will advertise in Discover or be sponsors covering more audiences.

Cameo and Snap have already run advertising campaigns with beta partners. For Mattress Firm the campaign proved to be highly beneficial just in two weeks reaching 2 times the engagement rate.

Who would you like to see in an advert for your favorite product? Leave your comments for us down below.