Shopping on Social Networks Becomes More Popular

  • 02-03-2022 |
  • Courtney Millhouse

Social networks and similar platforms are not only a source of entertainment content but also an opportunity for fast and comfortable shopping. They have a huge advertising potential that brands, creators, influencers, and other mCommerce participants use to their fullest.

According to a recent study by Bazaarvoice, most consumers make purchases of beauty products on social networks and not in physical stores. Many respondents reported that the Internet had a powerful influence on their choice, while others explicitly said they prefer to buy everything online. The popularity of this type of shopping is not surprising, because you can do it anytime in any convenient place, no matter what country you are in. AR technologies and live shopping events organized by giants like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook add even more convenience to this activity.

Statistics show that consumers prefer to purchase personal care products, household goods, and clothing on social networks. It is because representatives of the beauty industry can tell subscribers about the use of certain goods, share professional tips, and visually show the effect of products. At the same time, those items that belong to the Food and Beverages category are still bought offline.

TikTok has changed how users consume content and consequently how creators make it. It is noteworthy that in this direction, the most significant influence on users is provided not by large brands but by micro-influencers. The rise in the public interest and spending on social media purchases in recent years ensures that the trend will continue, especially when every platform introduces modern technologies like trying on makeup using AR.

What do you think about purchases on social media? If you support this type of shopping, please tell us what products you buy.