«New Fiction» Exhibition by KAWS in Fortnite

  • 24-01-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

It has already been six days since Fortnite fans got the chance to enjoy an online exhibition of the famous innovative artist KAWS. The physical exposition of this NYC-based creator, which originally takes place in the Serpentine North Gallery in London, is now accessible through a hub in the Fortnite game.

The idea of displaying works of art and musical performances isn’t new to the game. Remember the art installation “Your Progress Will Be Saved” and Arian Grande’s tour in Fortnite? However, it is still a great way to let the world know about the current events in the realm of art. According to the interview in The Guardian, the creator strived to throw a bridge to the new generations. So, has he managed to do this, and which works of art can any Fortnite fan enjoy during their lunch break?

Not Just Another Show by Fortnite

The developers, Epic Games, have created a bridge between the physical and virtual worlds by making an unusual presentation of this event in the game. For the players not to miss it in a separate section of the Creative mode, they will be transferred to a garden outside the Serpentine to check on the latest trendy Creative mode games. There a huge red statue of the Companion (the iconic character of KAWS) will guide the visitors to the gallery. If you are tempted by the first element of the «New Fiction» exhibition, take some time and explore the gallery itself.
Besides the statues of Companion, Brian Donnelly (or KAWS) has shared several colorful paintings with the worldwide gaming community. Moreover, a free Acute Art app will make it possible for you to view the AR artworks on your mobile device.

Discover Pop Art in Fortnite

Though it’s always better to see any piece of art with your own eyes to understand the author’s concept, a virtual visit to the Serpentine Gallery is still an option to consider. Are you interested in the show so that you will devote several spare minutes to check on the exhibition? Have you ever attended similar online events in Fortnite? Share your experience with other fellow players in the comments below, since this is how you can throw a bridge to the current generation.