Instagram's Private Story Likes Feature Is Out

  • 15-02-2022 |
  • Courtney Millhouse

Instagram has rolled outs its new feature, titled Private Story Likes, that enables users to like others’ stories without sending them a direct message. The update was announced on Monday, February 14 by Instagram head Adam Mosseri.

Previously, the only way in which you could like a story was by sending a heart emoji via DM. Alternatively, you could send a text response or choose from a variety of emojis to reflect your emotions on seeing the story. The potential downside of this was that the author would invariably see the reaction, which led to cluttered DM inboxes if such responses got numerous.

The latest Instagram update comes with the Private Story lIkes feature. This enables you to interact with a story by simply tapping a familiar hear icon, very much like those you use to like a regular post. The icon is placed next to the paper airplane that stands for sharing the story with other users. You shouldn’t expect to see the number of likes garnered by a story to show on it. Rather, go to the viewer sheet to get an idea of how many people liked it.

This update is part of Instagram’s effort aimed at improving the user experience. Previously, an update has rolled out that added clarity to how you can delete content such as feed posts and comments. In particular, users are not able to remove their content in bulk along with related interactions such as comments. Filtering by date has also been added to make looking for specific content easier.

Now, a question for our readers. Do you feel like Instagram’s really been improving over the past months? What do you think about the Private Story Likes feature? It’s interesting to find out how the new features and tweaks are received by the audience, so we encourage you to share your thoughts in the comments.