Google Play Store Has One Million Fewer Applications Than 4 Years Ago

  • 04-05-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

The latest information from data collection platforms (, for example) registers a decrease in the total number of apps in the Google Play Store by as much as a million. There were about 2.6 million apps in the store last month which is already 28% less than 3.6 million apps in 2018.

Such a significant decrease in the number of apps has nothing to do with problems in Google Play. This has happened due to the fact that the platform has developed more efficient algorithms for removing applications that violate its rules. The main condition for developers of applications that are potentially hosted in the Google Play Store is the transparency of user data.

Since 2015, Google Play Store has been using mixed methods to reject unwanted apps. Through the use of AI tools and human reviewers at the same time the highest efficiency is achieved and possible errors are minimized. Edith Reads openly stated that it is a direct duty of Google to protect its customers from malicious applications, since the security of users, who install them on their devices, directly depends on this.

Today, Google Play is the platform with the largest number of apps. The second place of the rating is occupied by Apple’s App Store with over 2.3 million apps.

Do you feel safe when installing apps from Google Play Store? Do you think the store will continue to lead by the number of applications in the near future? Please, share your opinion in the comments below.