Google Messages Chats Grouped Into Categories

  • 28-02-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

Google Messages combines SMS and instant messaging functionality. It is designed for Android devices, and on some models, it is installed by default. There are mobile and web versions of this service. Although now it is not really in demand, and most people prefer other messengers, the developers do everything to make its use as comfortable as possible.

At the moment, the system of Categories is being implemented in the message section. It is a really needed update as Google Messages collects everything: from your contacts’ text messages to OTPs and SMS notifications from banks. Having so much unsorted stuff can be uncomfortable and annoying. The introduction of Categories is aimed at bringing order to this messenger.

Artificial intelligence automatically sorts received messages into different groups. You still have the opportunity to view all conversations in a row without sorting in the “All.” This category is set by default; however, you can change the settings and pick any other if you wish. You also now have two additional tabs: “Business” and “Personal.” Perhaps Google will expand the set of Categories in the future, and we will see “Offers” or “Transactions” familiar to many.

A handy feature has also appeared in the settings. When activated, all OTP messages are deleted within 24 hours. Now you don’t have to delete unnecessary information manually. It is convenient if you constantly need to use one-time passwords on different services. It is reported that the described updates are added gradually. It will probably take some time for them to reach your region. They are currently available to some users in India and the US. New countries will join one by one.

Is Google Messages installed on your device? If yes, please share your experience of using it.