Facebook Settles Android User Privacy Lawsuit

  • 07-03-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

The four-year court brawl of Facebook and Google’s Android is finally over. Back in 2018, developer Dylan McKay reported that Facebook was processing the data from his Android device in an unexpected way. The app was recording names, phone numbers, and call durations. The fact perturbed the Android community. Users filed a lawsuit against Facebook because of a privacy violation. Four years after, Facebook claims to settle the process. 


Although Facebook has been insisting that the automatic logging of calls and messages was an optional feature, now the company is suddenly open for any form of settlement. Judge Richard Seeborg from the United States District Court for the Northern District of California hasn’t approved the settlement, the initiative of the social media giant is already something. So, yeah, the actual terms of the lawsuit aren’t settled just yet, but the ice is melting. At least, Meta doesn’t try to push responsibility back on users anymore. 

The plaintiffs claimed that the Facebook Messanger app did request access to the contacts, but didn’t ask any permission for call data recording. The Facebook position was that the access request could be easily found on another screen and that data collection didn’t harm Android users in any way. However, the judge sided with the users and agreed that data recording silently used battery power and device storage. 

See You in April!

Android users and Meta agreed to work on the terms for a month and return to the court in April to have the deal settled by the judge. What side do you take in this case? Who’s right in this situation to your mind? Let’s chat about it in the comments below and share this news with other Facebook users to inform them about the lawsuit. More news is on the way, so stay tuned!