Drive Lamborghini Around Battlegrounds Mobile India Locations

  • 28-03-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

Battlegrounds Mobile India and the Lamborghini brand have teamed up to bring players the ultimate user experience. The fleet of the popular multiplayer shooter has been replenished with eight brand new cars at once. A unique opportunity to drive them through BGMI locations will be available from March 25th to May 3rd. So you only have a week to add luxury sports cars to your collection.

You can access six skins through various in-game events, a shop, and lucky spins. Collect them all, and a secret store will be opened for you, where you can get the seventh model. It, in turn, will unlock another hidden prize that you can get through the event store. Earn a lucky metal and exchange it for your Lamborghini's last, eighth skin. As you can see, finding them all is not so easy. So you have to try a little to get a complete collection. Whether any of these skins will be added to the game permanently is still unknown.

If you don't know, Battlegrounds Mobile India is a local version of the world-famous PUBG. Especially for India, the company made a rebrand back in 2021 due to the authorities' restrictions and the blocking of Chinese servers (even though the developers are South Korean). It was done in order not to lose almost a quarter of the players (24%) of the total number of users.

Such a collaboration with a luxury brand is not the first in the history of BGMI. Previously, the developers involved American Tesla, British McLaren, and Swedish Koenigsegg to work on the game. Remarkably, the unlocking of each company's vehicles took place in different ways, adding extra excitement among players. Did you manage to collect skins from these giants? Which ones? What other sports car manufacturers would you like to see in this project?