Data Transfer Agreement Leaves Facebook & Instagram in Europe

  • 06-04-2022 |
  • Courtney Millhouse

In March, media was full of speculations around the future of Instagram and Facebook apps in Europe. Fortunately, Meta has reached a preliminary agreement with the EU regarding European user data flows between the EU and the US. More on that below. 

Panic for Nothing

In 2020, the EU privacy regulator ordered Meta to stop user data transfers from the EU to the US to comply with GDPR. Meta has been working on a solution since then but published an SEC guidance note to declare the potential risks for its services. The media quickly fueled panic amongst users, which made Meta officially claim that it has no plans to leave the EU market. 

Regarding the latest reports, the problem is about to be solved painlessly for the company. The President of the EU Commission Ursula von der Leyen has already announced that a new agreement is almost ready to come into force. She claims that the new data flow protocols will balance security and privacy and make the data exchange process trustworthy and transparent. 

Now it’s clear that Meta stays in Europe, but it’s interesting that some officials reacted indifferently to the risk of staying without Facebook. Actually, it would be exciting to see the EU without FB and IG to evaluate the real impact of these platforms on individuals and businesses! 

All The Same

Once the new agreement is signed, nothing will change for the Europe-based users. Still, it’s important to note that their personal information will not leave the EU borders anymore and stay on Meta’s internal servers only. Would you like to experience living without access to Facebook and Instagram? Would it be better or worse for you? Let’s chat about it in the comments! You can also share the news with your European friends to calm them down (if they do worry at least a tiny bit, of course).