A Minecraft Player Has Made a Functional Wordle within Minecraft

  • 06-04-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

Wordle is one of the greatest obsessions of the gaming world recently. This simple word puzzle attracted a fantastic lot of attention, and its simplicity would inevitably make it ubiquitous. This time, Wordle made it to Minecraft due to a player who gave enough time and effort to make it a mini game there.

The Reddit user urgle_gurgle published a video with the result of their efforts. The game within Minecraft is a real functional Wordle, with a keyboard and two boards, one with rules and one with examples. The appearance is just what you might expect from a Minecraft mini game.

The rules are almost the same as in the original Wordle. You need to guess a 5-letter word; after each try, the game shows you which letters are just present in the word, and which one are guessed correctly along with their position in the word. Utilizing this knowledge, you keep trying to guess the whole word. The dictionary of Word Hunt (that’s the name of the Minecraft version) is not curated, so prepare: there may be offensive words or those you may dislike for other reasons. In the original Wordle, as you know, you cannot run in a disapproved word.

urgle_gurgle has used a sophisticated combination of Python and base26 to implement the game. It can be downloaded right from the comments on Reddit, in a form of the entire Minecraft world with Word Hunt in it. When installed on a server, it supports the multiplayer version in form of a race: the players can compete who guesses the word quicker. Last but not least: this mini game is made for the vanilla version of Minecraft, making it universally compatible.

Are you a Wordle fan? And do you like Minecraft? Do you think they were made for each other? And what other great mini games in Minecraft would you recommend to others? Let’s drop some names in the comments! And also share your impressions to help us make our choice!