Tips and Tricks of PUBG

  • 22-12-2021 |
  • Polad Aladi

PUBG stands for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. It is a battle royale video game and the player's goal is to be the last player or team standing. You can play the game in one of the four different modes: solo, duo, squads, and duo-squads. I gathered some tips and tricks here for you to make your gameplay easier.

Tips and Tricks

1. Try to land as far from other players as possible

Landing near other players may increase the probability of you being killed in the early game. And even if you don't get killed, you probably won't find too much gear and weapons left. Try to land in some remote place where you'll have enough time to collect all that you need.

2. Use smoke grenades

Smoke grenades will cover your movement and make you less visible to other players. Use this to your advantage and enter buildings without any danger. Also, it's a great way to escape safely when you notice you are outnumbered. Flashbang grenades in PUBG don’t give long enough effect, so you better use the smoky ones.

3. Get some melee weapon

If you suddenly get jumped on in a close distance, you probably won't have time to aim properly. Make use of melee weapons to deal the most damage in the shortest time possible, it is very convenient on such occasions.

4. Be stealthy

Don't make any unnecessary sounds and always try to move as silently as possible. Make use of foliage and other objects to hide from enemies. this way, the probability of you making it to the endgame are way higher than if you were trying to attack other players in the open. Also, this way you're more protected from sniper fire.

5. Marksman rifles are cool

If you get your hands on the SLR or something like that, hold on to it. Not only they can use 8x scopes, but also you don't have to reload them after every shot, because they have magazines. They may be not as powerful as AWM or other sniper rifles, but their higher rate of fire completely makes up for that. And also this makes them very convenient for both medium- and long-range combat. As the second weapon for close-quarters combat, I'd advise you to take an SMG, like Vector or Uzi. Being able to unload a whole hail of bullets into the opponent in a very short time makes them a perfect choice for both indoors and outdoors close-range combat.


That's the article about 5 Tips and Tricks of PUBG game. They came from my own gaming experience so I hope you found them useful!