Pubg vs Fortnite

  • 23-01-2022 |
  • Courtney Millhouse

Fortnite is a game where players land on an island and scavenge for weapons and resources to fight off zombie-like creatures. You can use the materials you find to create fortifications to defend yourself against the zombies.

PUBG stands for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The game is similar to Fortnite in that it is an island survival game. However, unlike Fortnite, this one doesn't have any lore and is a little bit more realistic.

1. Graphics

Compared to PUBG, Fortnite has a more cartoonish look that is a little more colorful. If you like bright colors in games, you'll probably like Fortnite, and if you like more calm colors, PUBG is your choice. Also, PUBG has a better level of detail and realism than Fortnite.

2. Weapons variety

PUBG has a wider choice of weapons than Fortnite. There are lots of real-life gun models of different types in PUBG. Fortnite weapons are more from the game itself and there aren't that many of them, but some of them have cool physics and features, so that makes up for the variety.

3. Building

In Fortnite, it's possible to build things with the resources you find or collect. You can also build walls, floors, stairs, and ramps. In PUBG, it's more of a scavenger hunt for gear, but you can't build anything.

4. Vehicles

You won't find any vehicles in Fortnite whereas in PUBG, you can find vehicles that can be used to move around the map. There are cars, buggies, boats and on some maps, even armored vehicles.

5. Story

Fortnite has its lore, while PUBG doesn't have much of a story. There are no cut scenes or dialogue, but there are some in-game tips. If it's important for you for game to have a story, Fortnite is what you want.


Fortnite is a little more cartoony, colorful, and has more physics in the weapons. PUBG is more realistic, has more guns, items, and vehicles, and also has a better level of detail in the graphics. If you want a game with a story, Fortnite is your choice, but if you don't care about the story, PUBG is a better choice.