PUBG vs Apex Legends

  • 30-11-2021 |
  • Courtney Millhouse

Apex Legends and PUBG are both popular battle royale games, but they have many differences. In this article, we are going to discuss them.

1. Differences in map

Apex Legends has a circular map with different designs, where the zone where players start is in the center. PUBG has a square map with a center zone and players start wherever they land on the map. This leads to more randomness in the gameplay.

2. Differences in the number of players

Apex Legends has a maximum of 60 players. PUBG has a maximum of 100 players. This leads to a smaller map in Apex Legends and a larger map in PUBG. Also, this means that the average PUBG match is longer than the average Apex Legends match.

3. Differences in gameplay

Apex Legends is more focused on direct fights and PUBG is more focused on tactics. For example, you have more space to sneak around the enemies in PUBG and it is harder to dodge shots. Also, Apex Legends has character classes, each with different abilities, and PUBG doesn't have that.

4. Differences in weapons

Apex Legends has 12 weapon types. PUBG has 11 weapon types. Still, gun physics in PUBG is more realistic, they have recoil and that affects accuracy. In Apex Legends, guns don't have recoil.

5. Differences in gameplay

Apex Legends is more casual and PUBG is more hardcore. For example, in PUBG you can only heal yourself with medkits.


To sum up, there are many differences between Apex Legends and PUBG games. One difference is in the number of players. Another difference is in the gameplay. There are different weapons in each game. And finally, there are different game modes. Overall, Apex Legends is more casual and PUBG is more realistic.