How to Clear Cache on Android – An Easy Guide

  • 29-08-2021 |
  • Courtney Millhouse

Cache is an important part of your android device. It is a memory where the temporary files are stored. Application stores the temporary data in the cache so that the next time the application gets opened it can retrieve the data from cache memory instead of getting it from the Internet. This makes the loading time of applications much faster. This cache also helps the phone to function smoothly. 

If you are a regular Android user you would have to experience the problem of the phone getting slower over time. This is because the cache memory getting filled up over time. 

To make your android device work faster, you need to clear the cache memory. There is a simple process to clear the cache memory in Android devices.

How to clear cache in Android device

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click Applications Section.
  3. Click on Manage Applications.
  4. Click on the app that you want to clear the cache.
  5. Click on "Clear Cache".
    Some applications might not be listed under the application section. If this is the case, you can go to the Application Data section.
  6. Click on the application that you want to clear the cache.
  7. Click on "Clear Data"
  8. Click OK.

This is a simple way to clear the cache memory in android devices. You can follow this process anytime to speed up your Android phone.

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